Faux Leather Super High Waist Leggings


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There’s no denying the visible effect No! Wiggle No! Jiggle super high waist leggings have on your mid-section and your confidence. These leggings give you everything you have ever desired from a seriously sculpted waist, the appearance of a flattened tummy, full back coverage, firm compression, form fitting, flexible with no steel bones to constrict your movement. What else do you need? These leggings aren’t just great for working out but are great for everyday activities such as trips to the grocery store, playing at the park with your children, perfect for yoga, post-partum and traveling long trips and any active activity that comes to mind. They are comfortable, breathable with a moisture wicking fabric that allows your leggings to dry fast from sweat during any workout activity. The silicon lining reinforces the roll down effect from the top when appropriate size is selected.

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