Before I started No! Wiggle No! Jiggle, I was not pleased with the level of support from any of my work-out leggings no matter the price I paid.  I had $20 leggings and I had $65 leggings but neither gave me the support I wanted. Sure, there were differences in the quality of material, but I never truly felt confident and secure while wearing those products in the gym, in public. Instead, I constantly worried that my body would jiggle and shake as I poured my sweat onto the treadmill and weight machines. In aerobic classes I came up with some truly strange moves constantly tugging and twisting my tights into compliance.

In the end, I realized that my workouts would never reach their full potential because I was so distracted by adjusting and re-adjusting my outfit every few minutes. One day I decided that of the 99 problems that inherently come with sticking to an exercise program, my clothing would not be one of them. I wasn’t going to allow ill-fitting shapewear to keep me from reaching my weight lost goals!

Following lots of research, the NO! Wiggle No! Jiggle Super High Waisted Leggings were born! Finally, here was a shapewear product I could sign my name to- great materials, a slimming tight fit that even the aerobics moves couldn’t dislodge and, best of all, the ability to move freely and without distractions. These leggings simply felt amazing, and my confidence soared.

Once I had made this discovery, I couldn’t wait to share it with family and friends. And now, I’m sharing it with you! You see, I believe that every woman and girl should feel the same confidence and freedom I felt that day, regardless of age, shape, or size. That incredible feeling of security and confidence should be a lifestyle that belongs to all of us.

Here’s to strong women with goals and strong support. I hope you’ll join me in my discovery!

Tamara Johnson